Founded in 1970 by renowned illustration & comic art expert Bud Plant, our flagship Incredible Catalog has evolved from its roots, growing to include all forms of great visual art, and now bears the name Bud's Art Books. Here you will find the very best of the visual arts. A unique and diverse collection representing the past, present and future. And of course, Bud's trademark service from a great staff who share your passion for great art!

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Bud has been actively collecting, buying and selling now since 1968. He received a San Diego Comic-Con Inkpot Award in 1994. He is in Fifty Who Made DC Great (1985), Founders of Comics Fandom (2010), Comics: Between the Panels (1998), etc.

He opened his first comic store with six partners in 1968, co-owned a chain of seven comic stores from 1972-1988, and distributed comics and specialty items from seven warehouses in four states until he sold that portion of the business to Diamond Comic Distributors in 1988.

Bud has exhibited at every San Diego Comic Con since the first in 1970. He's twice been on the Spectrum Jury panel and is on the advisory board. He's helped publishers assemble books using his own collection as source material, and he provides input or advice to publishers on new projects.

Bud has never stopped collecting and learning about comics and art history. He's pleased that his enthusiasm and interest can help introduce customers to new as well as vintage artists and collections. He uses "Recommended," "Highly Recommended," and "Our Highest Recommendation" to show his personal endorsement and enthusiasm for items that he is most excited about.

At the age of nine, Bud Plant was vying with two older sisters over who would be first to read the new issue of Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories—his folks had a subscription circa 1959-60 to those glorious Carl Barks issues. Next it was Sgt. Rock and ten cent DC comics, like the first Kubert Hawkman in The Brave and the Bold. And Strange Adventures. And like a lightening bolt, Fantastic Four #1—which quickly disappeared. But it was in early 1964 when Marvel cinched the deal and began a lifetime addiction.

Bud found Spider-Man #13, Daredevil #2, and Fantastic Four #27, etc—the June 1964 release. From then on it was every Marvel, every month. After two short-lived comic stories in 1968 and 1969, his present day occupation began with ads in fanzines like The Rocket’s Blast and the brand new Comics Buyer’s Guide--and setting up a table at comic-cons, selling underground comics and fanzines to fellow collectors. and one page fliers that quickly became several pages, then mini-catalogs. And of course all profits were spent on back issues of EC, Atlas, Quality, Marvel. He issues catalogs and sells online as Bud Plant Comic Art/Bud’s Art Books in Grass Valley, California.

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