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A great selection of bargain-priced books and more pertaining to classic and contemporary arts.

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  1. SUBURBAN AMERICA 1930-1970 An Architectural Perspective

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    Presentation design drawings of buildings which changed the appearance of suburban America. From an exhibition in Massachusetts May 13 to November 25, 2001. Handsome full color architectural drawings begin with gas stations and diners (with streamlining) in the 1930s, highways and overpasses that offer Art Deco overtones, bridges, gas trucks, drive-ins and theatres...all the architecture that once was influenced by Art Deco and fifties styling and the automobile. With essays. Learn More

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    "Sex Rampage of the Cycle Savages" ... "Big Mama's Killer Cycle Army" ... "Cross-Country Blast With 'Satan's Riders'" ... "Cycle Queens of Violence" ... The headlines in classic men's pulp adventure magazines sure could paint a picture ... and so could the masters of pulp art who illustrated them! Three decades of vintage pulp magazine covers and interiors, from the 1950s through the early 1970s, most unseen since their original publication. A unique archive of biker covers and interior illustrations at their most savage, with history and context. Learn More
  3. ZOOLOGIA The Art of Stan Manqukian

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    Step into the fantastical world of Stan Manoukian’s complex and intricate creatures. In 200 pages, Zoologia immerses the reader in a fantastic bestiary. For ten years, this amazing French illustrator imagined and drew creatures sometimes disturbing, sometimes funny, sometimes cute, sometimes monstrous, but always fascinating. Stan has divided his creations into six chapters, each representing distinct geological terrains and environments: frozen, swampy, dry, wooden, rocky, and twilight. Learn More
  4. SPECTRUM Volume 19 Hardcover

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    300 diverse visionary artists, many world-renowned, including Michael Whelan, Donato Giancola, Leo & Diane Dillon, Kinuko Craft, and Peter de SèveJames Gurney (Dinotopia) is the featured Grand Master. Cover is by Brom. Here is the year's finest art, Gold, Silver and Bronze winners plus all carefully chosen runners up, picked by a jury of their peers. With art from books and book covers, graphic novels, video games, films, galleries, three-dimensional (statues, etc.) and advertising, Spectrum is truly an electrifying art book. Learn More
  5. SPECTRUM Volume 11 Hardcover

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    The first and only illustration annual to focus solely on fantastic art, with over 300 artists featured. Divided into seven categories, including one devoted to comics and graphic novels, a feast of disparate visions and artistic imagining, showcasing, among others: John Howe, fantasy illustrator and designer for Lord of the Rings; Peter de Seve, conceptual artist on Finding Nemo; Anita Kunz's work from Rolling Stone; the exquisite acrylics of Michael Whelan; the poignant work of John Jude Palancar; Doug Chiang, design director for Star Wars and creator of Robota; and Jon Foster, also of Star Wars fame. Learn More
  6. SPECTRUM Volume 9

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    Sale Price $17.95

    Startling, wry, lyrical, and beguiling, the unrivaled reference to the ever-evolving world of science fiction and fantasy art in all its incarnations. Featuring the work of such award-winning creators as Dave McKean, Michael Whelan, Anita Kunz, Peter de Seve, James Gurney and over 200 more artists from around the globe. Also includes a breezy and biting Year in Review, a profile of the 2002 Grand Master Award recipient Kinuko Y. Craft, and contact information for every artist. The result is a seamless time capsule that will appeal to anyone with a taste for both excellence and the unexpected. Learn More
  7. SPECTRUM Volume 5

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    Spectrum 5, originally published in 1998 and now in its second edition, celebrates world-class fantasy art in a variety of media. Each work was selected by an award-winning jury of artists, designers, and art directors, and each image includes the size, title, and medium employed. Artists include such masters as Don Maitz, Michael Whelan, Jeffrey Jones, Alex Ross, Barry Windsor-Smith, David Bowers, Greg Spalenka, Kent Williams, Rick Berry, John Jude Palencar, and James Gurney. Learn More
  8. CAPTAIN MARVEL The Official Movie Special Hardcover

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    A collector's guide to Marvel Studios' latest box office smash, Captain Marvel, featuring exclusive content showcasing images from the set and much more! Dive into the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and explore behind-the-scenes. Discover what makes your favorite characters come to life with features on every major character, exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, and incredible photos from the set. Ace Air Force pilot Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races. Learn More

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    A feckless boy is lured by a wicked magician into a trap but the scheme backfires — the boy, Aladdin, is left with a magical lamp and a genie who showers him with riches. Aladdin's wealth makes him an attractive suitor for the sultan's daughter, but when the evil sorcerer returns to kidnap the bride, the young hero must rescue his princess or die trying. This beautiful version adapted by Laurence Housman features eight full-color images by Edmund Dulac, one of the era's most popular illustrators. Learn More

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    Josef Halfer practiced and taught marbling at a time when paper marbling was in decline and being replaced by mechanically-produced substitutes. The techniques that Halfer pioneered enabled marblers to take the craft to new artistic levels, allowing more detailed patterns to be achieved than ever before, and resulting in the most delicate, intricate and beautiful forms that the medium is capable of producing. Wolfe hand-printed 17 fine works based on Halfer designs, each one hand-tipped-in here. Plus Halfer's own essays, newly translated. A small but very fine little book. Learn More

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