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A fine collection of books filled with instruction, tips, tricks of the trade, model poses and advanced techniques.

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  1. FANTASY WORLD-BUILDING A Guide to Developing Mythic Worlds and Legendary Creatures

    One of the most creative comics artists in fantasy puts together a superlative collection of art--and instruction. When artists and designers explore or create a fictional setting, the milieu must be completely fleshed out, explained, and designed. In this book, comic and gaming art veteran Mark A. Nelson explores and demonstrates his methods for fashioning visually stunning, believable environments for fantasy creatures and characters. Scores of images and step-by-step examples illustrate how variation and experimentation lead to fresh, original designs for otherworldly beings, their environments, and their stories. Learn More
  2. LIGHTING THE NUDE Top Photographers Reveal Their Secrets

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    A superb collection of nudes, with great variety, from artful torso closeups in black and white to striking full color images, from action shots to indoor and outdoor shots in special lighting and sunlight. 21 chapters carry you from Approaching Nudity to Voyeuristic Shots, while touching on Erotic Fantasy, Abstracts and Body Parts, Classical Nudes, The Semidomestic Nude, Fetish Appeal, Pushing the Boundaries, Provocative Shots, Simply Naked, Props, Dressing Up, etc. Learn More
  3. FIGURES FROM LIFE Drawing with Style

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    An in-depth exploration of life drawing by a contempory master artist AND teacher—covering gesture, short and long poses, foreshortening and contrapposto, and more—and delves into its more challenging aspects: such as measuring with rhythm, drawing with feeling, and developing a style. Packed with step-by-step, all-new drawing demonstrations and insightful commentary, the book also includes Patrick’s most recent anatomy and drawing study sheets, with gorgeous female nudes and more. Learn More

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    Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals pose vast problems for the artist. How do you go about recreating the anatomy and behavior of a creature we've never seen? How can we restore landscapes long lost to time? And where does the boundary between paleontology—the science of understanding fossils—and artistic license lie? In this outstanding book, Mark Witton shares his detailed paintings and great experience of drawing and painting extinct species. Learn More
  5. KALEIDOSCOPE The Art of Illustrative Storytelling

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    This collects the work of 38 contemporary artists who utilize traditional illustration techniques along with embroidery, paper cutting, carving and collage to create pieces that standout for their low-tech charm. Collected from published works in magazines, posters, books, blogs and personal projects, Kaleidoscope includes interviews with six of the talented and enthusiastic artists, masters of the art of storytelling. Among our favorites here are Ero Lampinen, Junkyard Sam, Helena Perez Garcia and Andrea De Santis. Learn More

    32 well-known Japanese illustrators and animators show you their absolutely amazing worlds. Beautiful castles, islands floating in the air, pirate ships sailing through the clouds, retro-futuristic inventions, deserted architectural spaces, towns that have sunk under the ocean, an enchanted forest and a space locomotive.… The work here is just gorgeous, packed with incredible detail and stunningly colored. From work done for films, CD covers, and some pieces done especially for this. We really like this. Learn More

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    Sketching and drawing are fundamental to creating great art; the simple doodle is often where artists first bring their ideas and concepts to life. In Sketching from the Imagination: Dark Arts, fifty talented traditional and digital artists showcase work, 6 pages for each, from their sketchbooks, share inspiration, and give insight into how they create imaginative and dark illustrations. Featuring a range of artwork and artists from many fields, from concept design and animation to illustration and comic art. We like this, one of our favorites in this series. Learn More

    This unusual series is the first collection that turns the spotlight on the scenes and background illustrations exclusively. With only a few characters in ordinary clothes, attention is focused on the beauty of the illustrated backgrounds. This first book in a two-volume series is a collection of background artworks featuring familiar scenes from daily life: nostalgic townscapes, detailed architecture, fantastic forests and landscapes, and rooms too perfect to be real. Learn More
  9. THE SKETCHBOOK OF LOISH Art in Progress

    Following the success of her first art book, Loish returns with an inspiring book dedicated to her beautiful b&w and full color sketches with an emphasis on cute young women, from figure studies to handsome fantasy pieces. Also here are guys, animals, landscapes and offbeat subjects like fantasy animals, faeries, even doodles. A unique look into Loish’s creative processes and idea generation, accompanied by her own comments. Discover how she explores gesture, stylization, and sketching for animation. Learn More
  10. MAGIC RITE OF DRAWING Art & Techinque Signed

    This is the second self-published, Kickstarter art book of Buchanan's and it's once again a joy to see. Here's what Michael Kaluta said in his introduction to Buchanan's first book, Faces, Figures, Fantasies and it's still spot on here: "There is a magic effect to THB's portraiture...THB applies his knowledge, his insights, and his ability to present worlds unseen to everything he creates. Though he has pulled in influences from everywhere, he is no copyist. THB hands forward the authenticities garnered during his studies [of past illustation masters], giving them to the world via his art..." Bonus: Comes with a beautiful 11x 8-1/2 full-color print, "The Frost Giant's Daughter," which he has also signed. He's done these exclusively for Bud Plant customers. Learn More

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