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A fine collection of books filled with instruction, tips, tricks of the trade, model poses and advanced techniques.

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    Illustrator and painter Harvey Dunn was deeply influenced by Howard Pyle. Pyle's Brandywine students became some of the most important and well-regarded artists of the twentieth century, including N.C. Wyeth, Frank Schoonover, Violet Oakley, Jessie Willcox Smith...and Dunn, who went on to influence the next generation of artists. During the course of an evening in 1934, while Dunn was teaching at Grand Central School of the Arts, Miss Taylor recorded his comments and criticisms. These notes later surfaced in a slim, limited-edition volume. Enhanced by Dunn's striking woodcut images, the book provides a flavorful re-creation of the atmosphere in his classroom. Learn More

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    This deluxe edition has an extra 16-page section with bonus artwork, an exclusive Frank Cho interview, and an alternate cover featuring a new painting. Two gatefolds are included. Frank Cho, the acclaimed creator of Liberty Meadows, shares his secrets to drawing the lovely women he is renowned for. A storytelling chapter is highlighted by an all-new, eleven-page adventure premiering Cho's Jungle Queen. The majority of the art shown here has been created specifically for this collection This is as much an art book, beautifully displaying Frank's work, as it is a how-to-book. Enhanced by Frank Cho's wit in his personal comments, for a fun and playful experience. Learn More

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    Artwork and insights by fifty artists from the field of creature design. In this inspiring addition to the popular series, explore magical and mythical beasts to aliens and mutant monsters. Wild and wonderful creations in a range of styles and media. Each artist offers their personal commentary, advice, and tips on drawing techniques and concept design processes. It’s a rich and exciting volume for any reader, whether they’re looking for an intriguing menagerie of artwork to browse, or for artistic and professional insights by a wide range of talented and imaginative creators. Learn More

    Aspiring comic book artists and storytellers will thoroughly enjoy this book! Seasoned author and art teacher Daniel Cooney shows readers how to draw credible perspective from any point of view for convincing backgrounds, and their relationships with the characters that inhabit them. This instructional book works like a journal filled with exercises for creating scenes in the context of storytelling. Practical demonstrations and interactive workbook grids to complete show readers how to enjoy the process as they develop their drawing mechanics and storytelling "chops." Learn More

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    This classic guide by a master animator and cartoonist — and long time Disney artist — is now available for the first time since its original publication in 1946. Author Ken Hultgren instructs by example in a guide that's suitable for beginners and advanced students alike. The comprehensive range of instruction covers features and expressions, animals, foreshortening, perspective, lettering, caricature, animation, and more. All subjects include step-by-step guides, several examples, and helpful hints and suggestions. Learn More

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    Have you ever wanted to create characters that look like they belong on the big screen? Here you'll learn tips and tricks from some of the industry's best concept artists. Ryan Meinerding, Andy Park, and the other artists behind Marvel Studios' Visual Development department share their methods for creating characters, from Captain America to Black Panther. Learn their favorite tools of the trade, tips for visual character development and their process of collaborating with other artists on the team and with the costume and props departments to create seamless film design. Learn More
  7. FANTASY WORLD-BUILDING A Guide to Developing Mythic Worlds and Legendary Creatures

    One of the most creative comics artists in fantasy puts together a superlative collection of art--and instruction. When artists and designers explore or create a fictional setting, the milieu must be completely fleshed out, explained, and designed. In this book, comic and gaming art veteran Mark A. Nelson explores and demonstrates his methods for fashioning visually stunning, believable environments for fantasy creatures and characters. Scores of images and step-by-step examples illustrate how variation and experimentation lead to fresh, original designs for otherworldly beings, their environments, and their stories. Learn More
  8. LIGHTING THE NUDE Top Photographers Reveal Their Secrets

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    A superb collection of nudes, with great variety, from artful torso closeups in black and white to striking full color images, from action shots to indoor and outdoor shots in special lighting and sunlight. 21 chapters carry you from Approaching Nudity to Voyeuristic Shots, while touching on Erotic Fantasy, Abstracts and Body Parts, Classical Nudes, The Semidomestic Nude, Fetish Appeal, Pushing the Boundaries, Provocative Shots, Simply Naked, Props, Dressing Up, etc. Learn More
  9. FIGURES FROM LIFE Drawing with Style

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    An in-depth exploration of life drawing by a contempory master artist AND teacher—covering gesture, short and long poses, foreshortening and contrapposto, and more—and delves into its more challenging aspects: such as measuring with rhythm, drawing with feeling, and developing a style. Packed with step-by-step, all-new drawing demonstrations and insightful commentary, the book also includes Patrick’s most recent anatomy and drawing study sheets, with gorgeous female nudes and more. Learn More

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    Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals pose vast problems for the artist. How do you go about recreating the anatomy and behavior of a creature we've never seen? How can we restore landscapes long lost to time? And where does the boundary between paleontology—the science of understanding fossils—and artistic license lie? In this outstanding book, Mark Witton shares his detailed paintings and great experience of drawing and painting extinct species. Learn More

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