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    Views showcases the first seven years of Roger Dean's work after his graduation from the Royal College of Art in 1968. It includes paintings and graphics; branding such as the Yes typography and the first Virgin Records logo; groundbreaking stage sets; and album art including iconic early Yes covers such as the award-winning Tales From Topographic Oceans. This is the original edition. Learn More

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    An introductory text accompanies 28 of the artist's fantasy visions of gentle dreamscapes, awesome beasts, startling humanoids and futuristic cars and hardware. Titles are kept to the blank reverse of each plate, making the paintings suitable for framing. Learn More

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    An introductory text accompanies 28 of the artist's fantasy visions of a decaying future, with transistorized and riveted intergalactic arks limping between weary ion-driving civilizations. Titles are kept to the blank reverse of each plate, making the paintings suitable for framing. Learn More
  4. CARLOS SCHWABE Symboliste et Visionnaire (French Edition)

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    Carlos Schwabe (1866-1926), though of German origin, acquired Swiss nationality and lived in France for most of his life. He settled in Paris at a time when, with the birth of Symbolism, a vast movement of reaction to Naturalism was taking shape. Despite his secret and solitary character, Schwabe was to play an important role in the artistic life of the turn of century. Learn More

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    Jon Foster's art is dark, beautiful, and visually overpowering. From his Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars covers to his game industry work on Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition and Alternity, Foster always knows how to move the soul of the viewer. Progressions features a selection of Foster's paintings, sketches, and illustrations and is a must have for anyone who has ever admired art. Learn More

    In this issue: First up we feature the pin-up art of Pete Hawley, and his work for Jantzen Swimwear in the 1950s and '60s. Our next feature concerns the work of legendary illustrator Heinrich Kley, whose brilliant line work captivated Walt Disney and influenced the style of Fantasia. Our final story profiles paperback and advertising illustrator William Ira Teason, written by his daughter. Book reviews, exhibitions and events and more round out the issue Learn More

    In this Issue: We profile Saturday Evening Post cover artist Ellen B.T. Pyle with stunning examples of her original cover paintings, and rare photographs from her personal life. Next up we feature Edwin Georgi, whose brilliantly colored illustrations breathed exciting life into virtually every major American magazine of the 40s and 50s. Our last feature is on the darkly weird and wonderful work of British horror illustrator Douglas Walters. Learn More

    In this Issue: Illustrator J. Frederick Smith, who successfully transitioned from illustration into glamor photography, staying at the top in both fields. Next up we feature John Fleming Gould, one of the most spectacularly prolific illustrators of black and white interiors in the pulps. Our last feature focuses on Clark Hulings, known for his fabulous paperback covers of the 1950s and ’60s, and for his realist fine art paintings today. Learn More
  9. SPECTRUM Volume 2

    Spectrum 2 features works by Hugo Award-winner Michael Whelan; Caldecott winners Diane and Leo Dillon; James Gurney, creator of Dinotopia; and more than 200 other pieces created by artists from Germany, England, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Canada, France, and America. Drawn from books, comics, magazines, art galleries, advertisements, and artist’s portfolios, these visionary portraits of the future offer fans an intriguing look at the evolution of fantastic art over the past decade. Learn More

    Emulating the highly successful Classics Illustrated series, upstart publisher Pendulum Press started their "Now Age" line of books, aimed particularly at classrooms, "Bringing the Classics to Life." Vincent Fago was contracted to put together the series; he was an editor with Stan Lee at Timely Comics in the 1940s and a veteran of comics. Having trouble recruiting artists, he contacted Filipino artist Nestor Redondo, who in turn helped Fago recruit other Filipino artists for this unique project. Learn More

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