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  • Author/Artist: Krenkel

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    A magnificent, best-ever look at Krenkel's entire career. Oversized. Loaded with previously unpublished work. One of the most renowned fantasy artists of the 20th century. Krenkel's far-reaching influence on--and work with--artists like Frazetta, Williamson, Kaluta and Jeffrey Jones, to name but a few, was immeasurable and cannot be overstated. Krenkel illustrated Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard and others--but much of his work, full-blown paintings and illustrations, often were unpublished and never seen by even his biggest fans. Learn More
  2. RGK The Art of Roy G Krenkel

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    Initially working in comic books in the 1950s, including work for EC's sci-fi titles with Williamson and Frazetta, Roy Krenkel soon moved into digest and book illustration, and finally fine art and book covers. Commissioned to draw the covers for the Ace Burroughs paperbacks, he couldn't keep up and brought friend Frank Frazetta in to help--and thereby began Frank's cover career! Seemingly never on the A-list, he nonetheless produced some exquisite work and it's nicely featured here, with superb reproduction Learn More
  3. Roy G Krenkel Cities & Scenes from the Ancient World

    Roy Krenkel drew in a classic, fine-art, Old Master style that is rarely seen these days. Here are 180 of his best sketches, drawings, and paintings on historical subjects and settings. This was the very first collection of his work, printed by a small specialty publisher who was also responsible for publishing the prestigious Amra. Two-page preface by Sanford Meschkow, five-page "Some Comments on Doodling" by Krenkel himself. Color frontis, some nudity, many finely finished pieces. Learn More

    Fresh from the fear-fraught fifties come the first seven issues of Trojan Comics' Beware, dragging along a whole bunch of festering corpses by way of an artists' assemblage that includes The Stainless Steel Rat himself, the great Harry Harrison, plus work by the fine Sid Check, Gerald Altman, Vince Napoli, Henry Kiefer, Roy Krenkel, Al Gordon, Leo Hagler, William Zeller, Albert Tyler, A.C. Hollingsworth, and Myron Fass. Plus severed-head panels and corpses on the cover (an SOTI issue), etc. Learn More
  5. LAND OF TERROR Original Cover Slipcased Signed

    ERB’s sixth novel in the Pellucidar series is for the first time reprinted by ERB Inc. and G&D – in two beautiful editions with different bindings, different dust jackets, a signed and numbered limitation page, and die-cut bookmark. This "ERB Edition" has John Coleman Burroughs’ original cover painting on the jacket, and the new Bob Eggleton cover, featured on the jacket of the other version, here as a double-fold-out frontispiece, sans type. Plus 13 color illustrations including two by Frazetta, one a fold out, a Joe Jusko fold-out, and 7 newly colored Roy Krenkel drawings. Also, 27 chapter headings, never used, drawn by Coleman Burroughs for the 1944 edition. Learn More
  6. AMRA II #68 Swords and Sorcery Fanzine

    AMRA won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine in the years 1964 and 1968. Contents in this issue include art by Roy G. Krenkel (cover & inside issue), Marc Schirmeister, Ray Capella, and Dan Adkins. Authors include:  Darrell Schwitzer, Dainis Bisenieks, David Drake, Fred Blosser, and John Boardman; "Conan & Cinema" by Bill Orlikow and John M. Ford; "Conan the Limmerian" by L. Sprague de Camp.

    Learn More
  7. AMRA II #60 Swords and Sorcery Fanzine

    AMRA was a Science Fiction and Fantasy fanzine devoted to the Swords and Sorcery genre, published by George H. Scithers, publisher of Cities and Scenes of the Ancient World by Roy Krenkel. AMRA won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine in the years 1964 and 1968. Contents in this issue include lots of art by Roy G. Krenkel, plus Tim Powers, Tim Kirk, Ray Capella, and stories by John Brunner, F.C. Adams, Lee Burwasser, Valdis A. Agustkalns, John Myers Myers, George Barr, Robert Grant, W. Paul Ganley, Lin Carter, L. Sprague de Camp and others. Learn More


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    Stories include "Invasion of the Ghost Monsters," "The Hideous Head," "Double Vision," "The Specter's Revenge," "Satan's Sceptre," and "The Citadel of Evil," where intrepid scientists launch a space rocket which goes out of control, plows deep into the earth, and finds the equivalent of Hell only to have their souls transferred out of their bodies, by newcomer Wilhelms. Fun stuff! Al Williamson shows up, assisted by Roy Krenkel, on a superb reincarnation story. Learn More

    Weird, mysterious and spine-tingling tales from the first-ever horror comic book, begun in 1948. Significant here is that Al Williamson shows up, assisted by Roy Krenkel, on a superb reincarnation story, moonlighting from his work at EC. Artist George Wilhelms, previously unknown to us, also comes on board with some fine work that reminds us of Catman artist Charles Quinlan. Learn More

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