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Convention Sketchbooks

Signed sketchbooks, comic art, cartoons, sketches, and more from your favorite comic artists.

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  1. MURMURS By George Pratt Signed

    A 36-page book of selections from George Pratt's sketchbooks all scanned by George. This volume includes material from various years in no particular order according to George. There are portaits, soldiers both modern and historical, and Indian, semi-nudes and nudes of lovely ladies, as well as their portraits. His work is exquisite-moody and compelling, painted with thick, bold color. Introduction by George himself. Learn More
  2. MARK SCHULTZ CARBON Volume 3 Signed

    Mark Schultz once again shows growth in his exploration of technique, subject matter and story elements. Schultz says he’s still working to refine his craft, and each new work is the result of an intense dedication to capturing his visions in new ways. In this new collection of the artist’s works; the Xenozoic world takes center stage with preliminary drawings and concept designs from his upcoming Xenozoic graphic novel, placed in context with an introductory text that addresses his decisions behind the new art. Plus other works, as well as two spectacular panoramic fold-outs, one with color on both sides. Several nudes. Learn More

    Froud provides eight pages of wonderful drawings, plus delightful endpapers in full color. And most choice are the delightful gold-embossed front and (different) back cover, printed on soft green cloth. The rest of the book is blank ivory white pages ready for your sketches, notes, or diary--whatever you might use such a handsome book for. Includes a large pocket in the rear. An inspiration to artists and writers. The covers are a pure delight, harkening back to the handsome illustrated books of one hundred years ago. Learn More

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    An anthology collecting Cory Godbey's first five sketchbooks. Since 2011, each year, Corey has picked a theme for his personal work and created a new body of original work on that theme. He collected all the sketches, studies, and finished drawings that went into making the new series into annual sketchbooks.The Hidden People (2011), Menagerie (2012), Lyrebird (2013), Studies from the Wilder Forest (2014), and Wanderings (2015). Superb fantasy illustrations. Learn More
  5. ARTHUR ADAMS 2018 Sketchbook Signed

    When it comes to fine detail AND extraordinary design, no one can match Arthur's fine work. Here is a stunning fantasy Fantastic Four #100 cover with a zillion characters. And his ladies, well, they are quite abundant and as cute as anything. This time around there's lots of them, along with finished pen & ink work on variant covers and never-before-seen commissions. We have a Scooby Doo two-pager, Wolverine, Leia and Star Wars, a new Captain Marvel, X-Men, Weapon X, Power Girl, Batman, Dejah Thoris, a wonderful Groot, and much more. Learn More
  6. DAN PARENT #2 Sketchbook Signed

    Dan Parent, a graduate of the Joe Kubert School, is best known for his work for Archie Comics. He's also written and illustrated The Love Showdown from 1994, and for Marvel, DC, Felix the Cat Productions, Mattel, IDW, Valiant, Chapterhouse and Harper Collins. He's received several Harvey Awards for his work, including the creation of Archie's first gay character, Kevin Keller. He is the co-creator of Die Kitty Die.This volume is packed with never-before-seen material from Dan's files, sketchbooks, and private commissioned work. One highlight is Betty and Veronica as various superheroes, cover spoofs and more. Learn More

    Rather than a new annual sketchbook, Dean has created a delightful story of our voluptuous and generally naked Mandy searching for just the right "birthday" suit. It's funny of course, as this veteran Playboy cartoonist has lost none of his skills, and it's gorgeously drawn, with the innocent yet desirable Mandy teasing us with one sexy pose after another. Learn More
  8. SCRIBBLINGS 1 Signed

    Regularly published in Playboy magazine, Dean Yeagle has spent most of his career in animation, working on television ads and feature films. He's also illustrated children's books and magazines, and recently done work for Astonish Comics. This collection demonstrates Dean's mastery of animation style, humor, and ladies, as well as his ability to show character in every face. Very, very nice. Learn More

    All new! Mandy just turned 22; she works at various jobs (dog-walking, life guard, waitress-on-skates, fish wrangler at the aquarium) while studying oboe, environmental science, French poetry, Victorian novels and, while naturally shy, volunteering as a life-class model (for Art's sake) at the art school where she also takes classes. They have, to date, not asked her for a single tuition payment. The lovely and very often unclothed young lady created by Playboy Magazine cartoonist Dean Yeagle. And our bestselling "convention sketchbook" each year. Learn More
  10. BOMBS AWAY A Terry Dodson Sketchbook Signed

    One of our very favorite good-girl illustrators. Bombs Away is a collection of highlights from the last 3 years of Terry’s personal sketchbooks. The drawings include numerous character designs and figure studies, most but not all of heroines...including work for his upcoming IMAGE title Adventureman! with Matt Fraction. Plus a how-to section about the creation of this cover, with Terry narrating the process step by step. Today Terry is also working on covers for Marvel's Star Wars, Mr. and Mrs. X, and DC's Wonder Woman — she gets the center spread here. Learn More

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