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Posters and prints by comic artists.

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    Contained in a fabric-covered clamshell box is a collection of 40 individual deluxe reproductions of previously unpublished paintings, drawings, sketches, and mixed media works, Printed on heavy stock in with the highest standards, most in full color. None of these plates are collected in the trade edition--and the trade edition, with 224 pages of different material, is not in this. This is a companion set, with only the interview and introduction repeated here and printed as a separate, oversized 10x13, 16-page booklet and signed by the artist. Sienkiewicz explains his influences and techniques and offers his view on the future of comic book art. Learn More
  2. LITTLE NEMO The Master Series Print Set

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    Eight magnificent full color prints of seminal Nemo pages. Using the original art from the Woody Gelman collection, now at Ohio State University, modern colorist Michael Kelleher has newly colored each page. Here are bright, lush colors and fine details true to McCay's own vision--it's the finest printing and coloring of any Nemo page ever. The published pages were often muddy and colors varied from one newspaper to another. This set captures the finest of Nemo's fantasy art in exquisite detail. Each set features matching numbers and is initialed by Kelleher, who is a professional colorist for the DC Archives series. 8 prints-- Six Little Nemo restorations and 2 Original Art/Tear Sheet reproductions to show the process from b&w to printed to this modern coloring. Learn More

    In 1971, Hal Foster wrote and drew his final page for his legendary Sunday page. Strip #1788, the culmination of his work that began in 1937, featured a huge final panel showing Val and his friends looking off into the distance, ready for new adventures. And they would have them, as the strip was carried on first by John Cullen Murphy, then by Gary Gianni, and now by Thomas Yeates. Never reproduced full Sunday page size anywhere else. Learn More
  4. WRIGHTSON HORROR & FANTASY #8 Breakfast Poster

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    A naked red-haired girl sits with baby dragons, while Mom is perched above this strange nest. She clutches a moose, but she looks a bit puzzled at this strange little human amongst her offspring. What's going on here? A fun print, #8 in the long-unavailable "Horror and Fantasy" series from Christopher Enterprises, who was first to publish Wrightson's legendary collection, A Look Back. Learn More

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    A brilliant, psychedelic image, on heavy print stock, of wonderful detail and imagination. Naked Indian girls are carefully sculpted into the hillside on the right, held up by a giant god-like figure who is helping rescue a prone naked girl. To us, an analogy for caring for the earth (goddess), as a beautiful face hovers in the sky above. Superbly painted. Learn More

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