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FACES FIGURES FANTASIES The Art of Thomas Haller Buchanan Signed

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FACES FIGURES FANTASIES The Art of Thomas Haller Buchanan Signed

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Signed! Introduction by W. Michael Kaluta! Highly Recommended. By Thomas Haller Buchanan. This new work deserves your attention. Don't just take my word for it, here's Michael Kaluta from his introduction: "If one's first encounter were put into words, perhaps we'd quote...Doctor Who, in his much more often surprised and, generally, delighted response to something new, 'Oh! Aren't you a beauty.' There is a magic effect to THB's portraiture...THB applies his knowledge, his insights, and his ability to present worlds unseen to everything he creates."

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"Though he has pulled in influences from everywhere, he is no copyist. THB hands forward the authenticities garned during his studies [of past illustation masters], giving them to the world via his art...When I draw a person I must out-do myself to get close to capturing even a surface likeness. If Luck and Circumstance don't lend a hand all I'll ever attain is that likeness, never the personality. THB's ability to draw through all he's seen, met, known and felt enables him to bring forward the soul of his subjects."

Michael goes on with great eloquence in a long, wonderful essay accompanied by two wonderful portraits Buchanan has done of him. But that is just the beginning, as this book opens on superlative, highly detailed and, for want of a better word, romantic, idealized drawings. Dejah Thoris in all her exotic beauty. Dale Arden, Flash Gordon and Ming, Frank Frazetta, Usula Andress as H. Rider Haggard's She. Fantasy film posters, complete in every detail, of Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar! Of great stars of the past, from Karloff and Lugosi, to Marilyn Monroe.

Chapters examine faces, figures, nudes, movement. Each work, no matter the subject, is delicately, intimately rendered in a detail that defies my understanding. Since he's an artist new to my audience, I always try to force a comparison to help others understand his appeal. Everett Raymond Kinstler--Jim Silke--Kaluta himself--even the unknown master Fortunino Matania, another master of the pencil and the costume...this is the best I can do to convey just some of the artists his work reminds me of.

This book is his first, a special Kickstarter project. I was introduced to it because someone recommended I attend a talk THB was giving on the history of art. And when it was over, we introduced ourselves and I was eager to offer his amazing book to my customers...and have one for myself as well.

Here's more about Thomas:

Thom is a commissioned artist, illustrator and visual designer. He has worked with every artistic medium, for all communications media, creating commissioned portraits, fine art, murals and illustrations throughout the country. Always ready to take on new projects, he refers to himself as a ‘Pictorialist’, with a passion for creating images of remarkable people.

As such, a book celebrating his 40 years of experience as an art and design professional — Faces.Figures.Fantasies. The Art of Thomas Haller Buchanan —was recently published. In it, he writes of his humanistic attitude toward portraiture. As a partner in Haller Buchanan Studio, he has designed graphics and murals for visitor centers for the US Forest Service, various state parks and numerous other organizations. As an illustrator/muralist for Denver Museum of Nature and Science, his projects included artwork for exhibits ranging from Chinese, Egyptian and Native American cultures to dinosaurs and space technology. For 30 years he was the Staff Tribute Artist for the Denver International Film Festival— rendering portraits of some 200 legendary directors, actors and filmmakers for promotional and publicity uses. His portraits are in corporations and homes worldwide.

Thom is also the editor, creative director and sometimes illustrator of Pictorial Arts Journal—an online publication that showcases and promotes the significance of the pictorial arts, exploring the splendors and visionary skills of artists, past and present. In conjunction with that role, he enjoys presenting illustrated talks showcasing art history and techniques.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Item Code FACFIS
Publisher PAJ
Publish Date 2015
ISBN 9780996310406
Binding Soft Cover
Dimensions 12x9
# Pages 96pg
Color Full Color

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