First printing. By Dick Giordano, Bob Kane, Sheldon Moldoff, Carmine Infantino, Neal Adams et al. As a celebration of the 50th birthday of Batman this book collects stories from 50 years of the Dark Knight.
DC, 1988. Out of Print. Condition: As New.

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As a celebration of the 50th birthday of Batman this book collects stories from 50 years of the Dark Knight. 

Reprints stories from the following issues:

Batman #1 (The Giants of Hugo Strange, reprinted here as Dr. Hugo Strange and the Mutant Monsters from March, 1940);
Batman #25 (Knights of Knavery from October, 1944);
Batman #47 (The Origin of the Batman! from June, 1948);
Batman #61 (The Birth of Batplane II! from October, 1950);
Batman #156 (Robin Dies at Dawn from June, 1963);
Batman #234 (Half an Evil from August, 1971);
Batman #250 (The Batman Nobody Knows! from July, 1973);
Batman #312 (A Caper a Day Keeps the Batman at Bay! from June, 1979);
Brave and the Bold #197 (The Autobiography of Bruce Wayne! from April, 1983);
DC Special Series #15 (Death Strikes at Midnight and Three from June, 1978);
Detective Comics #31 (Batman Versus the Vampire (Part I) from September, 1939);
Detective Comics #32 (Batman Versus the Vampire (Part II) from October, 1939);
Detective Comics #211 (The Jungle Cat Queen! from September, 1954);
Detective Comics #235 (The First Batman from September, 1956);
Detective Comics #345 (The Blockbuster Invasion of Gotham City! from November, 1965);
Detective Comics #404 (Ghost of the Killer Skies! from October, 1970);
Detective Comics #429 (Man-Bat Over Vegas! from November, 1972);
Detective Comics #437 (Deathmask from November, 1973);
Detective Comics #442 (Death Flies the Haunted Sky! from September, 1974);
Detective Comics #457 (There is No Hope in Crime Alley! from March, 1976);
Detective Comics #474 (The Deadshot Ricochet from December, 1977);
Detective Comics #482 (Bat-Mites New York Adventure from March, 1979);
Detective Comics #500 (To Kill A Legend from March, 1981);
Star-Spangled Comics #124 (Operation ‘Escape’ from January, 1952);
World’s Finest #94 (The Origin of the Superman-Batman Team from June, 1958).
Also collects the story 1001 Umbrellas of The Penguin which was originally presented in the Sunday papers from February until October, 1946.

Note: This is an out of print, used and/or rare book.  As New. 

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