By Fred Dickenson. Illustrated by John Prentice. The longest-running modern adventure strip continues in thirteen new stories starring the debonair private detective, first created by Alex Raymond. More than 800 sequential comics from April 27, 1970 to January 20, 1973 reproduced from the original King Features Syndicate proofs, insuring that every daily will look even better than when it was first published. Prentice continues his superb work, carrying on the fine line style and exciting storytelling that Alex Raymond began. IDW, 2019. Out of print. Condition: Fine plus. Small bump to top corner. Still in shrink-wrap.

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11 stories. Kirby takes part in an old-style shoot-out in a nearly-deserted Western ghost town, battles the deadly Owl and the Pussycat over a hidden stash of heroin, captains a deserted yacht discovered in full sail after narrowly missing a collision. In Paris, sporting a full beard, he is mistaken for royalty, and is seriously injured after a high-speed shoot-out on a hijacked freight train. Absolutely brilliant artwork fine-line, photo-realistic art, a la Alex Raymond and Al Williamson, and wonderful variety of stories.

Our intellectual detective gets his hands dirty with the bad guys but still has time to attract some beautiful, jet-set women, including the long awaited return of the Rip’s original girlfriend, Honey Dorian.

After learning he is the doppelganger of the crown prince of a postage stamp-sized country, the bespectacled detective follows the trail of a counterfeit two million before being framed by a paroled con man who wants to get even with Rip. Also back is his arch-nemesis, the deadly Mangler!

The more than 800 sequential comics from January 22, 1973 to October 11, 1975 also feature Rip’s new girlfriend Holly Glowstep, and standbys such as Desmond, Wiggins, and Ma Casino.

These are truly wonderful volumes. Prentice (1920-99) joined the Navy in 1939, survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, served on two destroyers in eight combat campaigns, and was honorably discharged in 1945. After a stint at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, he moved to New York to become a successful freelancer, illustrated paperback book covers, comic books for the Simon & Kirby studio, DC Comics, and others. He was also a regular contributor to major magazines before taking over Rip Kirby (after Alex Raymond’s untimely death) in 1956. He received the NCS award for “Best Story Strip Cartoonist” in 1966, 1967, and 1986.

Introduction by Bruce Canwell, “A Respite from the Headlines.”

Condition: Fine plus. Small bump to top corner. Still in shrink-wrap.

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