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An extensive and exciting collection of pulp fiction, mystery and fantasy tales.

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    The year 1966 saw the release of one of the most unique Tarzan films ever made: Tarzan and the Valley of Gold. Starring former NFL linebacker Mike Henry in his debut as the cinematic ape-man, the film portrayed a cultured and refined Tarzan who seemed more James Bond than the unsophisticated ape-man of past films. The depiction surprised and puzzled some moviegoers, but we fans rejoiced at finally seeing ERB's Tarzan. Enter critically acclaimed fantasy author Fritz Leiber, whose novelization of the film became the first authorized Tarzan novel to be written by an author other than Burroughs. Far from retelling of the movie, it was a faithful installment in the literary saga of the ape-man, with frequent callouts to Burroughs’ original Tarzan canon and myriad creative elements added to the storyline! Learn More
  2. A PRINCESS OF MARS Deluxe Signed

    The Deluxe Edition of A Princess of Mars is the fifth title in the ERB Limited Edition Collection. The set is published by Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. and includes a leather bound book in dust jacket, manuscript portfolio, handcrafted dip pen and a Dejah Thoris medallion, all housed in 7”x 10” custom decorated case. This unique edition promises to be the most elaborate A Princess of Mars ever published. Learn More
  3. THE SHADOW #143

    The law is powerless to uncover the true identity of a frozen-faced fiend until "The Shadow Meets The Mask." Then, a panoramic shadow of doom casts a "Toll of Death" upon Lamont Cranston! Plus a Chick Carter story, "Crime Goes to College." This collector's classic showcases both original color covers by Graves Gladney and Modest Stein and the interior illustrations by Paul Orban, with historical commentary by Will Murray. Learn More
  4. CTHULHU 2020 Calendar

    Appearing in several of H.P. Lovecraft’s works, the kraken-like monster Cthulhu is an iconic figure that has fed imaginations of fans and inspired new stories of horror by other writers. Its name [pronounced Ku-thu-lu] has come to define the whole mythos built up around Lovecraft’s strange worlds and pantheon of monsters. Featuring work by young contemporary artists, this calendar displays a fascinating mix of weird and wonderful depictions of this notorious monster that lurks beneath the deep. Learn More

    Interview: Author, editor, and publisher James Reasoner delves into his stories for Mike Shayne; his Redemption series, the Wind River series. Ward Smith remembers Armed Services Editions—digests that are not digests. Peter Enfantino tackles Startling Mystery Stories No. 1–18, and a keen assessment of Manhunt 1954 July–Oct. Vince Nowell, Sr. dissects Sol Cohen’s tactics to save Amazing Stories. Richard Krauss examines Charlie Chan’s media empire, with special emphasis on Renown Publications’ digest magazine. Learn More
  6. SONG OF GIANTS The Poetry of Pulp Signed

    An extremely handsome collection of the very best horror, dark fantasy, and heroic sword and sorcery poetry written by three giants of pulp literature; Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs and H. P. Lovecraft. Extravagantly illustrated by Mark Wheatley on every single page, with flamboyant, dramatic illustrations that remind us of Berni Wrightson's and Gary Gianni's work. Plus gorgeous full color endpapers of stunning, demonic cats. With an introduction by Jack McDevitt, "Arming the Valkyries." Learn More
  7.  THE SHADOW #142

    Three classic pulp thrillers: first, The Shadow investigates the mystery of “Five Ivory Boxes” as a murderer returns to exact vengeance on a man already dead! Then, four pieces of an ancient pirate coin lead to incredible riches -- and deadly danger! Finally, Lamont Cranston seeks the solution to a seemingly perfect murder in “Ten Glass Eyes.” BONUS: Nick Carter solves the mystery of "The 4th Card" in an illustrated Golden Age comics adventure by Bruce Elliott and Bob Powell from a 1948 Shadow Comics. Learn More
  8. THE SHADOW #141

    The Dark Avenger crushes crime in two pulp thrillers and a lost Shadow radio adventure by Walter B. Gibson—with a postscript by legendary artist Jim Steranko! First, a master crook known only as “Double Z” terrorizes New York with serial slayings that are publicized in advance! Then, The Shadow investigates violent “Death on Ice" at a mountain resort, as the Fool Killer stalks helpless victims! BONUS: “Death Paints a Picture” in a long-lost Shadow radio script. Learn More

    Black Mask, the greatest American detective magazine of all time, is back with another issue. New stories in the Black Mask vein by Brian Townsley, Jane Jakeman, Brian Stanley, Hannah Honeybun, William Burton McCormick, Frank Megna, Jonathan Sheppard, Michael Bracken, Jim Doherty, as well as a new article on Raymond Chandler’s The Little Sister by Katrina Younes. And the best hard-boiled detective fiction from the Popular Publications vaults, by Dashiell Hammett, D.L. Champion, Carroll John Daly, Frederick Nebel, T.T. Flynn, and Frederick C. Davis. Learn More
  10. SHIPS AND MEN The Complete Epic

    Running for three years in the pages of the prestigious Blue Book Magazine, author H. Bedford-Jones crafted the most ambitious work of his career: a massive, 34-part saga of seafaring adventure, told chronologically throughout the annals of naval warfare, involving a number of significant figures in world history. Never before collected, this 200,000-word epic includes nearly 200 interior illustrations by artists such as Alex Raymond, John Richard Flanagan, and Leyland R. Gustavson. Learn More

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