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Pulps & Fiction

An extensive and exciting collection of pulp fiction, mystery and fantasy tales.

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  1. BLOOD N THUNDER PRESENTS 1 Pride of the Pulps

    During the fifty years of the pulp era, these were the leaders--Adventure, Argosy, Blue Book, Short Stories, The Popular MagazineFamous Fantastic Mysteries and West. They were edited and packaged with loving care and consistently reflected the best that rough-paper magazines had to offer. American readers, ravenous for escapist entertainment, devoured them in weekly or monthly intervals. Here are six lengthy, in-depth surveys of these most prestigious, all-fiction magazines. Considerably revised and expanded from their original appearances in the award-winning journal Blood 'N' Thunder, these essays reflect scholarly devotion and fannish enthusiasm in equal measure. Learn More

    Assembled by Ed Hulse, co-editor of the best-selling The Art of the Pulps, from contributions by some of today's most distinguished pop-culture scholars and archeologists. Their lengthy, informative essays are profusely illustrated with pulp and book covers, interior artwork, rare photographs, and movie posters. And the works herein are entirely new to this volume. Hulse leads off with mystery writer Mary Roberts Rinehart's The Bat, which began life as a 1907 pulp yarn and over the next several decades was revived in books, movies, and even a hit Broadway play. More importantly, it influenced the creation of Batman by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Learn More
  3. BLOOD N THUNDER PRESENTS 2  The Penny-a-Word Brigade

    Return with us to those halcyon days of yesteryear, when writers of pulp fiction made a precarious living--sweating out plot details, trying to make their hackneyed characters seem fresh, working insane hours — usually for just a penny a word. In this collection of articles from vintage writer's magazines, those journeymen scribes explain how—and why—they did it. Represented in these pages are pulp fiction's leading lights: Lester Dent, Frank Gruber, Frederick Davis, H. Bedford-Jones, Erle Stanley Gardner, and many more. Learn More
  4. CTHULHU 2019 Calendar

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    Appearing in H.P. Lovecraft’s best-known works, kraken-like monster Cthulhu is an iconic figure that has fed imaginations ever since his first appearance in Weird Tales. The name has come to define the whole mythos built up around Lovecraft’s strange worlds and pantheon of monsters that continue to inspire many writers. Featuring the fantastic work of talented contemporary artists, this calendar displays a fascinating mix of weird and wonderful depictions of this notorious monster that lurks beneath the deep. We like it! Learn More

    Acclaimed as one of the foremost (the foremost, in the opinion of some) reference books covering the subject. Illustrated with 750 magazine covers and original paintings, a complete and lively history of this unique literary form, covering genres individually (hero pulps--two chapters--spicy, western & adventure, sci-fi, crime, aviation, horror & fantasy) and identifying key titles, authors, and stories.n Learn More
  6. BLOOD N THUNDER PRESENTS 3 Fighting Crime One Dime at a Time

    15 of the best feature articles from Blood 'n' Thunder about the pulps. Explore pulps turned into comics, influences on The Shadow, Street & Smith's single-character pulps, The Hero-Pulp Revolution, Launching Doc Savage (by Will Murray), Forgotten Crimebusters, history of The Phantom Detective and The Lone Ranger pulps, Twilight of the Hero Pulps, Zarnak: The Pulp Hero Everybody Hated, and more. Profusely illustrated with cool pulp covers. Learn More
  7. MASTERS OF SCIENCE FICTION Richard Wilson Signed

    Richard Wilson (1920-1987), a member of the near-legendary Futurians, is considered a consistently excellent writer of science fiction. Two dozen of his best works, ranging from “The Hoaxters,” “The Inhabited,” and “Those Idiots from Earth” to his brilliant posthumously-published novella “At the Sign of the Boar’s Head Nebula,” originally slated for The Last Dangerous Visions and kindly made available for this book by Harlan Ellison. It may be the finest single work that Mr. Wilson produced. Learn More
  8. THE SHADOW #134

    A deadly oriental poison is employed to dominate the world gold market! Will Lamont Cranston fall victim to "The Creeping Death"? Then, a séance, a vanishing blonde and a nymph-like creature lure The Shadow along a trail to hidden treasure. Can the Knight of Darkness pierce the occult shroud to solve "The Banshee Murders." Plus Interlude by Will Murray, a look at Shadow writer Walter Gibson by publisher Anthony Tollin, and covers by George Rozen and Modest Stein, and inside art by Tom Lovell and Paul Orban. Learn More
  9. SAVAGE PELLUCIDAR Bob Eggleton Cover Slipcased Signed

    ERB’s seventh and final Pellucidar novel is for the first time published by ERB Inc. and G&D in a signed/numbered set (#1-248), with different dust jackets, bindings (red & blue, matching the other 1930s/40s era ERB Inc and G&D cloth & color), and front/end matter, plus a new Foreword by Richard Lupoff and Preface by Phillip R. Burger. This "ERB Edition" has Bob Eggleton's wrap-around original cover painting on the jacket, and the Thomas Grindberg cover featured on the jacket of the other version bound inside along with the other artwork. Learn More

    When publisher Chenault & Gray produced the highly acclaimed Edgar Rice Burroughs 100-Year Chronology set, as a bonus kickstarter project they created this. They did three books in all, all with tiny print runs of not more than a couple hundred copies, of ERB's most iconic titles. Handsome hardcover in green cloth with silver embossed titles, no art inside but a fine re-use of a classic painting by Frank Frazetta, first done for his second series of ERB paperbacks, then as one of his famous posters. A great new presentation.

    Learn More

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