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Pulps & Fiction

An extensive and exciting collection of pulp fiction, mystery and fantasy tales.

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  1. THE SHADOW #133

    Stolen Nazi art treasures are being peddled in America by a murderous "Syndicate of Sin." And death comes hurtling onto the stage of "Merry Mrs. MacBeth." The Knight of Darkness proves that crime does not pay in classic pulp thrillers from 1942 and '45. Bonus story: female sleuth Carrie Cashin in "White Elephant" from the pulp title Crime Busters, 1937, with a look at her 39 appearances from '37-'42. This is her premiere adventure. And in our regular stories, spotlight is on Margo Lane with a lead off article on all her various actresses on radio. Learn More
  2. TARZAN OF THE APES Dust Jacket Signed

    Phil Normand caught our eye when he did the new, first-ever coloring of the cover image by Frazetta for Tarzan and the Castaways, Canaveral Press, 1964. Phil is a #1 ERB fan, and has been reconstructing the original first edition jackets, like this one, as well as creating new variant jackets for classic ERB books. This was one of his earliest efforts and we are pleased to make it available. The artwork has been meticulously restored and the paper is 80# cover stock in a color that closely matches the original. This is fine art letterpress printing using wood-mounted magnesium plates. Comes with full production details on a certificate of authentication, signed and dated by Phil Normand and a bookmark, also letter press printed, repeating the cover artwork along with details of the original A.C. McClurg edition.

    Learn More
  3. TARZAN CASTAWAYS Dust Jacket Signed

    Phil Normand's new, first-ever coloring of the cover image by Frazetta for Tarzan and the Castaways, Canaveral Press, 1964. This was one of our very favorite images in the Edgar Rice. Burroughs 100 Years Chronology, so we are pleased to also offer it in its original form, as a variant, new cover for the original book (which was printed in b&w with an awful red banner across the art). Comes with two bookmarks, one with full details of the original book. The jacket includes the original flaps and back cover typography and design, with a color image of the ad for Richard Lupoff’s Master of Adventure, ready either for display or use with the original book. Learn More

    Tarzan's beloved mate, Jane, has been kidnapped, and the furious ape-man will let nothing stand in the way of rescuing her--not even a sinister safari whose target is Tarzan himself. With fierce Masai trackers leading the chase, a trio of white hunters are hellbent on capturing the Jungle Lord. But as the pursuers, and their uncanny half-human tracker, close in from behind, Tarzan races toward even greater danger ahead. Learn More

    A new edition of the return of Tarzan in this 1999 epic, by the Hugo Award-winning author of the incredible Riverworld saga. Tarzan, Lord of the Apes, returns with a vengeance in this (at the time) brand-new, action-packed adventure by Philip José Farmer. Jane is kidnapped and the trail leads to a bizarre, long-forgotten land of strange and terrifying mysteries: the City Built by God, the Hideous Hunter, the One to Avoid, and most shocking, the Crystal Tree of Time--whose seductive powers could spell Tarzan's doom. Learn More

    From famed comic book writer Peter David (Incredible Hulk, Star Trek: The Next Generation) comes a brand new Zorro prose novel, continuing the legend of "The Curse of Capistrano!" Under cover of night, a wicked pirate crew lands on the California shores, infiltrating Reina de los Angeles. Their sadistic leader, Diabolito, resorts to murder to claim a fortune. But then the masked horseman Zorro rides again, to challenge a swordsman who might be his superior! Plus, an absolutely true short story of young Don Diego de la Vega, written by Baron Munchausen! Learn More
  7. THE SHADOW #132

    One by one, prominent citizens fall victim to "Fingers of Death" and only The Shadow can uncover the murderous mastermind behind the serial killings! Then, mysterious writing on a wall, a toy boat and a kite set Lamont Cranston on the trail of the Hollywood extortionist behind "The Blackest Mail." Plus, a lost Shadow radio adventure by Walter Gibson! And a look at the cast of the radio show. Also the usual highly informative "Interlude" by Will Murray. Learn More
  8. FANTASY CLASSICS #3 The Obsidian Ape

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    A story with a pulp origin. From the rear cover: “First published in 1938 in a long since vanished pulp magazine called All-American Fiction. It is a fast-moving tale of jungle adventure, strange lost cities, a race of people that time forgot, ruled by a beautiful but treacherous princess and the American adventurer who swings through it all.“ Illustrated with part- and full-page art throughout, as well as fun ads for other publications long ago available from this unusual publisher. Interior color, heavy stock. Learn More
  9. THE STORY OF THE PHANTOM Volume 8 The Hydra Monster

    What is the meaning of Hydra, a mysterious evil that spans oceans and continents? Who are the black clad men with the letter V tattooed on shaven skulls, who appear in the wake of wars, earthquakes, fires, and other catastrophes? The final mumbled words of a dying man draw the Phantom into an amazing web of violence, crime, and murder, the web of the Hydra Monster. A complete prose novel, written by Lee Falk, starring the Ghost Who Walks, one of the most popular comic strip heroes of all time. Learn More
  10. THE STORY OF THE PHANTOM Volume 7 The Mystery of the Sea Horse

    A palatial 200 foot yacht, "The Sea Horse," a luxurious private island guarded by fierce dogs, all the property of the suave and charming Chris Danton. What is the source of his seemingly inexhaustible wealth? What is the grim secret behind the "ageless" smile of the master of The Sea Horse? The Phantom's sweetheart, beautiful Diana Palmer, innocently stumbles into Danton's web and finds herself caught up in an evil conspiracy from which she can be saved only by the power and ingenuity of The Ghost Who Walks. Learn More

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61-70 of 174