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Comic book storylines from classic comics: from well-known to esoteric.

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    Batman is back and at his Golden Age peak in a new volume collecting DETECTIVE COMICS #120-135 (1947-48)! The Dark Knight and Robin face off against the Penguin, Catwoman, the Joker and more. Plus, an introduction by comics historian Bill Schelly. Learn More

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    Celebrate Marvel's 70th anniversary by experiencing the tales of the world's most-famous super heroes from the very beginning! While testing an experimental spacecraft Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, and Sue and Johnny Storm were exposed to a bombardment of mysterious cosmic rays. Upon their return to Earth, they found that they had gained wondrous abilities, the likes of which had never been seen before. That voyage was the first of many extraordinary adventures for these friends, who became known to the world as: Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, The Human Torch, and The Invisible Girl - The Fantastic Four! Collects Fantastic Four #21-30. Learn More

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    This is a collection of X-Men Comic books Nos 1-10 compiled into 1 Graphic Novel with an introduction by Stan Lee. The X-Men #1, September 1963: "X-Men"; The X-Men #2, November 1963: "No One Can Stop the Vanisher"; The X-Men #3, January 1964: "Beware of the Blob"; The X-Men #3, March 1964: "The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants"; The X-Men #5, May 1964: "Trapped: One X-Man!"; The X-Men #6, July 1964: "Sub-Mariner! Joins the Evil Mutants"; The X-Men #7, September 1964: "Return of the Blob"; The X-Men #8, November 1964: "The Uncanny Threat of ...Unus, The Untouchable!"; The X-Men #9, January 1965: "Enter, The Avengers!"; The X-Men #10, March 1965: "The Coming of...Ka-Zar!"; Learn More
  4. BATMAN The World's Finest Comics Archives Volume 1

    What could be a better idea than featuring Superman and Batman in one comic? Well, to actually team them up, for one thing -- and that wouldn't happen on a regular basis until 1954. But what concerns us here is the fact that both of DC's greatest heroes did appear in the same title as early as 1940, albeit in totally separate adventures. The idea originated with the legendary editor Vin Sullivan as a comic-book tie-in with the New York World's Fair in 1939, but the first issue only featured Superman. It was the second issue, entitled New York World's Fair Comics 1940, where history was made. Not only did the issue contain both a Superman and a Batman story (among others in the anthology) under one cover, but that cover featured our heroes together, drawn by the same artist, for the first time. And with that issue the formula was set for almost a decade and a half to come (even if it did take a couple of issues for the title to be finalized). Learn More
  5. THE FLASH Archives Volume 2

    This second collection of classic Flash tales from the dawn of the 1960s introduces many of Barry Allen’s infamous foes, including Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, the Trickster, Captain Cold, and Captain Boomerang! Also making their debuts in this fast-paced volume are the Flash's young ally, Kid Flash, a.k.a. Wally West, the hero who eventually took over as the Flash, and the stretchable sleuth known as the Elongated Man!Q Learn More
  6. THE FLASH Archives Volume 4

    THE FLASH ARCHIVES VOL. 4 reprints issues #125-132 of THE FLASH (1961-1962), faithfully recolored and restored to their original glory. This volume follows the Fastest Man Alive as he zips through adventures around the world, and features an introduction. Learn More

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    Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross' fully-painted re-telling of key moments in the Marvel Universe (as seen through the eyes of an innocent bystander) is presented in this collected edition. Signed by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross. Collects Marvels #0-4. Learn More

    Collects the first ten issues of the X-Men done by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, which began in 1963 and is still going strong today. Dustjacket is protected in a Brodart cover and is of the marbled format, which later on became a variant style to keep with these early releases. Learn More

    The X-Men with their mutant powers battle a host of deadly enemies. True first edition of this collection featuring the first issues of the re-vamped X-Men in arguably their most famous incarnation! Introduction by Stan Lee. Dustjacket is protected in a Brodart cover and is of the marbled format, which later on became a variant style to keep with these early releases. Learn More

    If The Fantastic Four and Thor provided Jack Kirby with vehicles to depict his characteristic super science, strange beings, fantastic creatures and mythical worlds, then Captain America provided a vehicle for Kirby as a pure action artist. Apart from the odd gadget, this first collection of Cap's Silver Age solo adventures recalls the thrill-a-minute exploits of the Golden Age Captain America. Learn More

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