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BROK WINDSOR 1944-1946

BROK WINDSOR 1944-1946
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Retro Fun!
My favorite expert on Canadian comics, Ivan Kocmarek, has just written an excellent review of the newly published Brok Windsor. This is the second collection of Golden Age original Canadian comics, both done as highly successful Kickstarter projects. The first was Nelvana of the Northern Lights.

We’re in agreement that we wish the publisher had picked a different cover, but that’s a small quibble with the overall fact that this is an extra-special effort, with lots of bonus material and an excellent price. Nelvana was a good first publishing effort, but Brok is flat-out superior: from the better art (Stables was one of the best artists of this era), to a brand-new Brok story (from an original manuscript).

Here's my own take on this title. Brok is a unique feature in many ways. First, the publisher of Better Comics, where he appeared, is generally considered the best of the big four Canadian outfits doing original comics. And today their comics are also the scarcest.

Second, the story is actually a serial that moves with little pause from one peril to another, issue after issue. Brok starts out on a solo canoe trip in the Canadian wilderness, encounters a strange fog, and finds himself on an uncharted but huge series of islands...a lost civilization, it turns out.

Inhabitants are giant sized, up to 12 feet tall, and thanks to special waters Brok also grows larger and stronger...but this change also threatens his life unless he can reverse it. He joins forces with a chieftain's son, an extremely capable warrior himself. Brok is soon wrapped up in both trying to save himself, and help the tribesmen defend themselves against rebel forces. These are not ordinary native tribes, however. They have an advanced civilization, complete with flying "zipcars," deathly ray guns, underground subway systems, and other sci-fi elements. And strange, mutated monsters of every variety. And eventually, a lovely girl to join the two intrepid adventurers.

The story is VERY atypical of the time. You just never know what new twist it will take. These are not the short, simple tales we are used to from American Golden Age books, This is a major extended adventure serial, not unlike Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, but taking place here on earth (in the vast Canadian interior) rather than on Mars! It's fun!
Review by Bud Plant / (Posted on 4/19/2017)

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