Q. I did a search and got hundreds of items. How do I narrow it down?
A.  By using the sort key or put your search phrase in “quotes”–this will make for a more specific search, most relevant items coming to the top. Here you can search by almost any parameter: publisher, title, author/artist, published date, description/keywords etc. The general search does NOT search the item description—this brings up too many non-relevant hits.

Q. When I do a search or when I land on a category page, how does the Sort work?
A. If you use SORT (the little box that comes up after a search), and change it to LOWEST PRICE or NEWEST, that parameter will REMAIN that way for your next search.

So you last used the LOWEST PRICE sort, for example. Then you search for “Alex Raymond” and all kinds of strange things appear first. You need to change the SORT option to RELEVANCE. You can also hit the up and down arrow right next to that box, to change MOST relevant to LEAST relevant. This arrow makes sense on Price (lowest/highest) or Newest/Oldest, but not so much on Relevance!!

Q. How do I find your sale items?
A. We have a CLOSEOUTS category. These are at least 30% off, but more often 50-60% off and sometimes more. We will not be ordering these items again. We also have items at reduced cost throughout our website since we discount as many new items as possible. SPECIAL CLEARANCE SALES will be posted on the home page. You can also subscribe to our email newsletter to receive sales announcements first hand–just click on the small red box below the welcome banner.

Q. I’ve clicked on an item but I see only a brief description and nothing about page counts, size, or the item code. Where can I find more information?
A. You need to scroll down to see the entire description under the FULL DESCRIPTION tab. At the top of the description box you will see tabs. The next tab to the right is the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION tab. Click on this to get the item code, size, page count, date published, publisher, etc. There’s also a box for reviews, which is where my personal, additional reviews are posted, which I do once I’ve had a chance to read an item and I want to say more about it. Or your own review if you’d like to contribute, or those of others.

Q. Why won’t my old password work on my web account?
A. When we moved accounts to our new website, we eliminated all the old passwords for security reasons—and to remove duplicate accounts. You can reset to your old password if you wish but we recommend using characters that include upper and lower case, numbers, and characters like # ! @ etc. The longer the password, the more secure it is. We suggest creating a phrase you will remember (Liv4Ever:]).

Q. I requested a new password but got no email.
A. If you didn’t receive an email (and it’s not in your spam box) you don’t have an account with our new website. If your account has not been active in the last couple years, or you had multiple accounts under the same email, you may need to open a new account.

Q. Where is my account history?
A. You can call or email us for account information. Please note that your transaction history will not be saved online if  you select the GUEST option to purchase. If you wish to have your history saved and receive catalogs, please sign in to your account or create an account.


Q. I haven’t received any catalogs.
A. If you are purchasing online and use the Guest option to purchase, you will not receive catalogs by default. Contact us if you wish to receive our bi-monthly, full color catalog.Q. You don’t have any of my transaction history.
A. If you use the Guest option to purchase, your website purchases will not be retained on record. If you wish to have your purchases on record after they have been shipped, sign in or create an account.You can always call us during our regular hours and we’ll do our best to help with these or any other questions you have.