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WORKS By George Pratt Signed

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WORKS By George Pratt Signed

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Signed! George Pratt Works collects 40 full color pages of George Pratt's personal explorations in oils, watercolors, pastels, and monotypes with a foreword written by Nicolas Uribe, and an afterword by Dorian Vallejo, two powerful painters.

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Works collects 40 full color pages of George Pratt's personal explorations in oils, watercolors, pastels, and monotypes with a foreword written by Nicolas Uribe, and an afterword by Dorian Vallejo, two powerful painters.

The book measures 9 x 8 inches with heavyweight covers enveloping interior pages of 180 lb. dull-coat Silk paper that truly shows off the work to its best advantage.

"My friend, George Pratt, has it all. He has craftsmanship, draftsmanship, plus the need and the motivation to be an artist. That’s what it takes. I think a serious artist is always searching for something, but rarely knows what. That “something” can’t be found by just thinking, though. It’s found with exploration and hard work. George is constantly drawing, painting, observing, experimenting and reaching further which is what makes him exceptional. I’m always excited to see what new ground he is breaking." - Mark English

"We all knew George was on his way to doing fine art when he did his fully painted graphic novel work. He has proved us right with his sensitivity in subject portrayal and masterful fine art painting skills." - William Wray

Contains some nudity.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Item Code WORGS
Publisher Mubeat Brouhaha
Publish Date 2017
Binding Soft Cover
Dimensions 9x8
# Pages 40pg
Color Full Color